Park equipment


Our prepress department offers all the devices needed for preparation of the production process, from the very project to the stamp. Our graphics designers prepare projects according to our clients’ hints and advices, or – on request – prepare them beginning from the very ideation. Their creativity lets us satisfy even our most demanding clients.


The production takes place on the devices of the most recognized producers, including Heidelberg. We print on a five-color Heidelberg CD 102-5 + L machine with a varnishing tower, and a two-color Heidelberg CD 102-5 + L with a perfektorem. We also print on screen printing machines from German and Italian manufacturers, and we also put UV varnish on them, also selectively.


The base is a B1 flatbed die-cutting machine with a purifying section, Brausse. In addition, we have a cylindrical stop in B1 and B2 formats. We make gilding with hot foil, so-called hotstamping. We also have a number of small bookbinding machines, such as folding machine, paper drill, creasing machine, perforator, cellophane machine, and specialized calendaring machines, among others, a 15-section collector or lamarka. We glue the packaging on the folder-gluer with a three-point gluing system.

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